Bringing together my love for Kinbaku and my professional background in Sexological Bodywork, I developed a structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes and make it more internal, conscious and safe. This resource is for people who like being in ropes and want to grow and improve their experience. You will find here my writings related to different aspects of rope bottoming and/or Somatics, downloadable resources, my workshops / coaching offer and links to other practitioners.

Book: Somatics for Rope Bottoms

This book is is bringing together my research in both somatics and rope bottoming and consists of 12 somatic inquiries into the life of the body bound by ropes and it is meant to share my (non-dogmatic) ideas, and insights with all the bottoms who are on the same journey like me…

Available on Amazon or to be picked up in our studio in Berlin

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I am committed to providing support and good quality education for rope bottoms.

Building on my background in Sexological Bodywork by Joseph Kramer and my study with Betty Martin, I bring different somatic aspects as breathing, movement, posture, non-verbal communication, and placement of attention in my teaching.

Coaching Offer

Get in touch with me if what you have found here responds in you in any way. If you are rope bottom (or top!) looking for coaching and support, here is to my Coaching offer, also available on-line.

My approach is non-dogmatic. It is not about doing things „right“. It is about finding what works for you to achieve your goals. When beneficial, we will do somatic exercises involving breath, movement, sound, placement of attention to get you more into your body as a way to feel and to become aware of what is happening internally. 

If you are a part of a local rope community and there are enthusiastic individuals who like to have me coming over and teaching, have a look at my Workshop page.

Here are some topics that I’m passionate about to share and teach: Somatics for Rope Bottoms * Bottoming for Seme-Nawa * Surrender in ropes * Consent and Communication in rope bondage based on the „Wheel of Consent“ model by Betty Martin

My main competency and my focus is always on the body as a base for your exploration in rope bondage. When we trust our body’s wisdom, that’s when the best rope bottoming happens.

Free Download: Body Scan Practice